insurance process

Claim Commencement

  • We take the time to sit with the homeowner and make a conference-style call to the insurance company.
  • We handle most of the claim throughout the entire process on the homeowner’s behalf while maintaining constant communication with the homeowner to keep them up-to-date.

meeting with the adjuster

  • We meet on the property when the appointment is set for the adjuster to come and access the damage.
  • We go over the damages with the adjuster to make certain they give a fair and thorough inspection of the property.

Insurance Company's Decision

  • If the claim is denied, our business is concluded, unless the homeowner insists on a re-inspection.
  • If the claim is approved, Raptor Roofing specialist will track the progress of payments issued to get the property in good standing and all construction completed.

Upon Approval

  • The only cost incurred by the homeowner is that of the deductible.
  • The Insurance company will issue a “loss statement” (itemized list of damages the are paying for) and a check for a partial amount of the claim (the rest of the value for the claim will be issued to the homeowner from the insurance company after construction is complete).
  • A Raptor Roofing specialist will collect for the value of the initial insurance check plus the deductible and discuss the new roof’s features with the homeowner

Final Process

  • Upon Raptor Roofing invoicing the insurance company, they will send a second check to the homeowner, worth the value of the depreciation of the roof.
  • A Raptor Roofing specialist will collect for the value of the second check from the insurance company.

NOTE: Filing a claim comes at no cost to you, and your insurance will not be raised because a claim was filed or approved for compensation due to a loss.  This is because hail and wind are an “act of God occurrence” therefore they are in no way a fault of your own.  

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