Roof Installation/Warranty

Roof replacement steps

Step 1: Tear off and dispose of all existing shingles on roof.

Step 2: Inspect all decking to make sure it is in good condition, replace if needed.

Step 3: The underlayment is installed as the first layer of the new roof.

Step 4: Drip edge is installed on eaves and rakes of the new roof.

Step 5: Starter underlayment is installed on the eaves and rakes of the roof.

Step 6: Ice and water shield is installed in valleys, pipe jacks, other extrusions on the roof depending the on the warranty specs.

Step 7: Field material will be installed next on the new roofing process. The proper nail pattern will be used to install the new materials. Nail patterns depending on the manufacturer specifications.

Step 8: All pipe jacks, vents, roof accessories will be installed after this.

Step 9: Last, the ridge materials will be installed to finish off the roof

Note: The roof/gutters will be cleaned off of excess debris upon completion of the roof.

Your raptor rep will inform you of any other details to make the process as smooth as possible!


All roof materials will come with a comparable lifetime roof warranty on all work completed by Raptor Roofing Inc.  Please ask your Raptor Rep for details on all of our warranties for the product of your choice during the roofing process.

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