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Roof Inspection Process

A Raptor Roofing Specialist will inspect the roof for damages caused by wind, hail or other weather-related issues. If sufficient damage is found, we will assist the homeowner with the construction process and their insurance company. (Please refer to our Insurance process page for details) Typically, roof damage cannot be seen from the ground level therefore, we offer a free roof inspection where we will inspect and document any such damage that is discovered. If we find that your roof needs to be replaced due to a storm related issue, we will offer this service at a minimal out of pocket expense.

Raptor Roofing professionals are here to assist you in every step. We understand the seriousness and necessity of having a solid roof over your head to protect you and your loved ones as well as your belongings. Our job is to provide you with a quality roof that is installed with the greatest of professionalism and compassion to get you back to your everyday routine as seamlessly as possible.

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